My Lola calls me a gypsy, but really I am just looking for where I belong. In the mean time, I create artwork with paint, textiles, ceramics, and whatever else turns me on. 

I studied art classically, at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but learned more starting my own former knitwear brand Rustic Threads Fiber Studio. Today I make whatever floats through my crazy brain, and use any application necessary, dyeing, knitting, painting, sculpting, sewing, embroidering, you name it I have most likely tried it. 

The only goal in all of this is to create art that will enrich others' lives, and hopefully connect us all in some beautiful cosmic way... maybe, or to just make shit that looks cool. 

 If you are looking to collaborate or have something custom made, I would love to make your dreams come true. It would be my HONOR! 


Taylor Elyse Compton (aka TayTay)

email: taylorelyse31591@gmail.com